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Jumbo Fruit Box – Mixed of 4

Jumbo Fruit Box – Mixed of 4 13-14 kgs of mixed fruit.

What’s in a Jumbo Fruit Box? (Please note: This is an example. Items may vary weekly based on seasonal availability.)

Indulge in abundance with our Jumbo Fruit Box – Mixed of 4, featuring a bountiful selection of fruits totaling 13-14 kgs. This substantial offering is designed to satisfy the office’s fruit cravings, ensuring a diverse and wholesome snacking experience. Please be aware that the specific fruits may change each week based on seasonal availability.

Sample Contents:

Apples: 4kg

Bananas: 4kg

Oranges: 2kg

Peaches: 2kg

This jumbo-sized assortment provides a mix of flavors and textures, catering to varied preferences. With a focus on freshness and quality, our Jumbo Fruit Box is the perfect choice for a well-rounded office fruit supply.